Bibliotheca Asiatica

Bibliotheca Asiatica is a series of reprints and some translations of books, both historic and recent past, containing first-hand descriptions and narratives by travellers in Asia, as well as research monographs and studies related to a wide range of aspects of Asian culture. Classified by country; this series includes a consolidation of the contents of the former series Bibliotheca Orientalis and Itineraria Asiatica.

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Corée– Korea 1653-1666
by Hendrik Hamel
Introduction and notes by Frédéric Max
London 1704, Paris 1732, new bilingual edition, English/Français Édition Bilinque,1981. xii, 128 pp., nine woodcuts. 26 x 19 cm., softbound.

ISBN-10: 974-8299-48-1 $15.00
ISBN-13: 978-974-8299-48-8

Among the many travel accounts published during the 18th century, Hendrik Hamel’s work is of special interest. It contains the first description of an Asian country up to then almost completely unknown in Europe. According to the Dutch bibliographer Tiele, it is the only ancient western source which gives details on Korea and its inhabitants based on firsthand observation. The original texts are reproduced in facsimile, with extensive notes by Mr Max, former Ambassador of France to South Korea.