Bibliotheca Asiatica

Bibliotheca Asiatica is a series of reprints and some translations of books, both historic and recent past, containing first-hand descriptions and narratives by travellers in Asia, as well as research monographs and studies related to a wide range of aspects of Asian culture. Classified by country; this series includes a consolidation of the contents of the former series Bibliotheca Orientalis and Itineraria Asiatica.

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Chinese Weapons

E. T. C. Werner

1932, 1986. vi, 102 pp., 82 b & w illustrations, 26 x 19 cm., softbound.
ISBN-10: 974-8299-45-7 $15.00
ISBN-13: 978-974-8299-45-7

It is somewhat ironic that the only complete proofs, letterpress and illustrations for this book were sent off for proofreading just two days before Japanese bombs completely destroyed the printing works of The Commercial Press in Shanghai in 1932. The Chinese, although most famous for their early use of gunpowder, also developed a wide array of other weaponry, ranging from battle-axes, spears, swords, and bows and arrows, to battering rams and fire arms. The author devotes the first section of this book to identifying the origins of each and tracing its development through Chinese history. In the second part he provides line drawing illustrations of these weapons, and their use in battle. As the author intended, the book represents a valuable contribution to the accumulation of sinological material. The initial publication was sponsored by the Royal Asiatic Society.
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South China in the Sixteenth Century

by C. R. Boxer

2nd edition, 2004. 480 pp., 12 b&w plates, 2 maps, bibliography, Chinese glossary, index, 21.5 x 15 cm., softcover.
ISBN-10: 974-524-043-5 $36.00
ISBN-13: 978-974-524-043-8

In this volume, first published in 1953 and long out of print and unavailable, the eminent linguist and historian, C. R. Boxer, translates, edits and presents in highly readable form three narratives of South China as it appeared to Portuguese and Spanish visitors in the years 1550-1575. Provides considerable detail of the people, culture and conditions in Ming China from a Western perspective.
“…three works of outstanding importance and of the greatest interest both to sinologists and to all concerned with the earliest impact of China on the modern West”. (O.B. van der Sprenkel)