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Chinese Migration in the 21st Century—and How It will Change the World
by Bertil Lintner
Bangkok, 2014, 208 pp., bibliography, index, maps, E-book edition.
.epub format ISBN: 9789745241886 for iPad and similar
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For centuries past, often driven by political upheaval or famine, Chinese have migrated to southeast Asia and beyond, to far flung corners of the globe. Large old ‘Chinatowns’ in cities such as London, Toronto, New York and San Francisco attest to these earlier migrations.
   Chinese continue to emigrate in large numbers in the 21st century—but this time around circumstances are different. Often encouraged and even facilitated by the Chinese state—officially or otherwise—modern migrants are often well educated and relatively affluent. And China today offers a myriad of opportunities to those who choose to stay. In this wide ranging new study, Lintner researches the locations, motives, perils and successes of modern Chinese migrants, as well as their potential impact on the rest of the globe.
   Is the state sponsorship of such migration driven by China’s expanding needs for energy, minerals, lumber and fish—or does it include more sinister motives? What is the likely impact of such migration on China’s global diplomatic muscle? To what degree are new Chinese immigrants a ‘fifth column’ in their new homes? What is the role of Chinese ‘triad’ gangsters in this modern exodus?
   All of these and many more issues are addressed in this timely first-hand report. A ‘must read’ for all China-watchers, or indeed for any who strive to understand the shifting dynamics of world power in the 21st century.
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