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Secrets of Bali:
New Light on the Morning of the World
by Jonathan Copeland
E-book edition 2013. 110 line drawings, 1 map, glossary, bibliography, index.
.epub format ISBN: 9789745241619 for iPad and similar
.mobi format ISBN: 9789745241602 for Kindle
.pdf format ISBN: 9789745241596

With its dramatic vistas, its attractive, hospitable people and its rich cultural traditions, the magical isle of Bali has captured the hearts and imaginations of millions, ever since visitors from the West began to arrive in the early 20th century. Incredibly, ancient Balinese cultural traditions remain richly intact today, in the face of 21st century modernity and a highly developed tourist industry.
   Yet few visitors ever really begin to understand the colourful pageantry that surrounds them virtually everywhere they travel on the island. Secrets of Bali is the key to this understanding. From Balinese life, religion, festivals and offerings, architecture, music, dance, textiles, dress, carvings and paintings, masks, manuscripts, meals and much more, this is the one book to which the visitor can turn for the answers. A must for foreign visitors, residents, and those everywhere who have fallen under the spell of The Morning of the World.
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